WIAW #5: A Momentous Occasion

Hi there! Soo I totally spaced yesterday and forgot to take photos of my food, so instead of Tuesday’s meals I’ll be sharing today (Wednesday’s) eats instead. Cool? Cool!

If you’re new to What I Ate Wednesday, head on over to Peas and Crayons and read all about it.

Breakfast – 9 a.m.

I made a batch of banana oats on the stove and they turned out super thick and delicious. It’s not the most exciting looking breakfast, but it tasted pretty darn good. In the mix were oats, milk, a mashed banana, pinch of cinnamon and a scoop of almond butter. I also had a cup of coffee that went un-photographed.

Lunch – 1 p.m.

I took a break around lunchtime to go for a run on the beach because the weather was finally nice for the first time in what felt like forever. Since the weather has been so crappy, running has been missing from my workout routine lately. I ran four miles on the beach and my legs and lungs were burning like no other. Note to self: run more often. It will make the experience much more enjoyable.

When I got back I threw together a wrap with hummus, turkey, spinach and pickles with some baby carrots and hummus for dipping on the side.

 Snack – 4 p.m.

I was hungry a few hours later so grabbed a peach and some almonds. The peaches I bought at Harris Teeter on Sunday ripened FAST so Brian and I are trying our best to eat them as quickly as possible. I don’t think that’s going to be too difficult though :).

Dinner – 7 p.m.

I made Rachael Ray’s Spanakopita turkey burgers for the first time a few weeks ago and they turned out great, so I repeated the recipe tonight. That woman annoys the heck out of me but she sure knows her stuff when it comes to making delicious, healthy burgers. These babies are packed with spinach, feta and fabulous spices.

Of course, I totally spaced and got halfway through my burgers before I remembered to take a picture. I eat way too fast for this to ever be a “What I Ate” blog every day of the week.

My burger was bun-less tonight because we only had a few sandwich thins left and I’m too cheap/lazy to buy any more since Brian and I will be away for three weeks beginning this weekend.

Dessert – 9 p.m.

Since I was such a selfless wife and sacrificed my burger bun for Brian, I deserve fro-yo tonight, right? Just nod and say yes, mmkay.

My cup of deliciousness included chocolate, vanilla, cake batter and peanut butter frozen yogurt topped with blueberries, mango, butterscotch chips, white chocolate chips, dark chocolate chips and coconut. If there was a competition for who could include the most ingredients in a cup of fro-yo for under $2.50, I would win, no contest.

I also got a cup for Brian to enjoy when he gets home from work later tonight. He is boring and only likes one or two flavors and toppings at a time, so I got him oreo fro-yo and the same chip selection that I had.

Note how much bigger his serving is – not because he can eat more fro-yo than me (hah! what a joke) – but so that he will think I am a generous wife when in fact I am just planning ahead for when I make him share with me later. I am an excellent planner when it comes to the important things in life.

Now for the exciting part: when the cashier rang me up, she told me that I had completed my loyalty card! YESS!

Free ice cream makes me crazy happy! Or just crazy. Either way, there is a free small cup of frozen yogurt in my very near future.

Stay tuned next WIAW for a post including the biggest cup of frozen yogurt ever assembled.

Have a good one!

Dog Day

Happy Saturday! Don’t you just love Saturdays? They are my favorite day of the week. To me, Saturday is the only day that is 100 percent weekend.

Brian and I woke up bright and early this morning to participate in the EQUI-KIDS 5k Cross Country Run here in Virginia Beach. EQUI-KIDS is a local organization that provides therapeutic riding programs for the special needs community. The run was held at EQUI-KIDS’ 92-acre facility, which meant we were running on trails and around the riding facilities and benefitting a great cause. Double-score!

The run was definitely more of a “fun run” than a competitive race, which was perfectly fine with me. I just realized as I was writing this that this was my first race of any sort in almost a year and a half! I was just itching to do some sort of race and this was the perfect way to ease back into that.

The race was fairly small, with only 272 finishers, but the narrow trails were jam-packed as we were starting out. I wasn’t too frustrated by the crowds since I knew I wasn’t going to PR on the soft trails anyways, so I just focused on enjoying myself and the scenery.


I ended up finishing in 29:18 with a 9:27 pace, which was little slower than I’d expected, but not surprising with all of the congestion throughout the race. I placed 6th in my age group, which sounds pretty impressive until I tell you there were only 37 runners in that category. Whatever, I’ll take it!

After the race came the real action – and my true motive for singing up for this particular race – the Hound Run! Runners could also sign up to run with their dogs on a 1-mile course. Of course I was there to watch all of the sweet pups come bounding toward the finish line.

There were big dogs:


Small dogs:


And everything in-between:


Have I mentioned how badly I want a dog? I am obsessed with dogs, but we can’t get one until we move into a bigger place in the fall, so for now I just have to stalk other people’s pooches. I am especially obsessed with pugs, French bulldogs and Pekingese, but I love all breeds, so if any of you have adorable dogs that you would like to send me pictures of, I will be happy to tell you how cute your dogs are and maybe even post their pictures on the blog!

After the Hound Run, Brian and I headed over to the stables to meet some of the horses. Brian loves horses and used to go riding a lot. I, on the other hand, am terrified of anything bigger than a Great Dane and almost had a panic attack the one time I rode a horse (in Costa Rica during a thunder storm). I did manage to muster up the courage to pet this sweet pony though.


All that Bananas was concerned with, however, was trying to drink Brian’s complimentary Yuengling. No joke, that horse (pony?) wanted some of that delicious brew. P.S., my husband is not an alcohol who normally drinks at 9 a.m., but we got free drink tickets with our race registration and didn’t want them to go to waste 🙂

This was a really fun event and a great way to start a Saturday. Next on our list is CrossFit, beach time and dinner at a new restaurant. See ya!

May Goals

Spring has officially arrived and the weather is definitely heating up here in Va. Beach. The temperature reached 85 today according to my car, where it feels like about a thousand degrees because my AC is terrible.

It was even nice and steamy during my cardio workout this morning because some genius at the Dam Neck fitness center thought it would be a good idea to keep the doors open and let all of the nice cool AC air out of the gym. I was sweating like a beast on the treadmill and was extra grateful that I had remembered to bring a towel.

The start of a new month also means some new goals around here. Here are my goals for the month of May:

1. Drink 80 ounces of water per day 

I’m thirsty basically all of the time so usually this is an easy one for me, but ever since I lost my beloved Camelback sippy water bottle and switched to this guy:

It has a has a water filter built in, which is pretty cool, but difficult to gulp from.

I haven’t been consuming nearly as much water. I’m going to make a trip to Target tomorrow and get another sippy. It’s more fun to drink out of a straw, and that’s a fact.

I want to get this model in either pink or orange.

2. Reduce my sugar intake

I recently started tracking my food with the MyFitnessPal app on my iPad and was shocked to see that I take in a whopping 100 grams of sugar per day on average. That is THREE times the recommended amount for a 1500-calorie diet (diet meaning the food you consume, I am NOT on a “diet” diet).  Most of that sugar is from fruit, which isn’t as bad as processed sugar, but it’s still a little too much for my liking. I’m going to aim to cut that in half and keep it down to 50 grams per day.

3. Run a 5k with Brian

Brian and I have never run a race together, and for good reason. He is a little speed demon and my lil legs just can’t keep up. We tried to go on a few runs together back in the day and our drastically mismatched paces meant an extremely unpleasant running experience for me and for him as a lot of crankiness and verbal abuse were aimed in poor Brian’s direction.

Bri-Bri after his first triathlon. Who wouldn’t want to run a race with this lil stud muffin?

Ever since we started CrossFitting together though I’ve realized I really do like working out with him, so I want to do a 5k together, but just not run together the whole time. Scratch that, I won’t be able to keep up with him past the starting line, but it will be nice to know he’ll be waiting for me at the finish line.