Quickie No-Equipment Workout

While Debbie Downer was pouring buckets all over Brian’s family in Florida, we had a pretty big storm of our own here in Virginia Beach last night. The storm started in Richmond where it knocked down trees and produced a few tornadoes and then made its way down to us.  The wind was so bad that a few of Brian’s friends got the windows of their cars completely shattered by a big gust! Between the wind, lightning and the fact that I am a huge wuss when it comes to storms, leaving the safety of our hotel room to go to CrossFit last night was not an option.

Even though we were stuck inside, we still wanted to get a workout in, so Brian and I made up our own equipment-free WOD to do in our hotel room. Our gym was doing this WOD last night:

Establish 1 Rep Max for push press


4 rounds of:
20m prowler push
250m sprint
15 burpees

The only move from the workout that we could do in our hotel room was the burpees, so we threw in a few other moves working similar muscle groups from the gym WOD.

3 rounds of:
1 set of rotisserie chicken (1 minute plank-1 minute side plank-1 minute reverse plank-1 minute side plank on the other side)
20 sit ups
20 pushups
20 burpees

Talk about a core workout! By the third round, my abs, shoulders and triceps were killing me and I was huffing and puffing after the burpees. We warmed up for about 10 minutes with some dynamic stretching and the workout itself took Brian about 21 minutes to complete and I finished in about 23 minutes.

Even though we couldn’t make it to the gym, we definitely got out workouts in! No excuses!

Then we rewarded ourselves by collapsing into bed and watching the Bachelorette. (We showered first, don’t worry.) Emily is officially my favorite bachelorette of all time. I love how honest and sassy she is. Homegirl is all about sending the guys home right in the middle of a date! I actually think it’s great that she doesn’t want to unnecessarily waste their time or string them along.

My prediction for her future fiance: Sean.

I love Jef, but I just don’t see them together. Chris showed his crazy side last night and it wasn’t pretty. And Arie just seems kind of boring and is a little too PDA-crazy for my taste. I’m rooting for Sean all the way. I also kind of have a thing for blondes…

Yup, that one.

Have a good one!

Bachelorette fans: who is your favorite contestant??


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