Surprise Workout

I was in for a little surprise when I went to CrossFit today. I was expecting a workout with some power cleans and knees to elbows, but when I arrived for the noon class I discovered we would not be doing the posted workout that the other classes were doing that day. Apparently a group from one of the classes yesterday asked to do an ab workout that one of the coaches had recently done instead of Thursday’s WOD. This is what it looked liked:

For time:
100 GHD sit-ups
75 toes to ring
50 knees to elbows
25 wall walks

I found some images of the exercises since most of them are not typical gym exercises:

GHD sit-ups


Toes to rings

Knees to elbows


Wall walks

I couldn’t find any videos of them the way we did them in class, so I made one using my awesome terrible video skills.

Yeah. Ho-ly CRAP. I think my reaction to this workout was clear on my face because one of the guys in class said, “Maria looks really happy about this.” I was not happy. I do not like surprises. Anyone who has ever tried to surprise me knows this.

I am also noticing a trend with CrossFit workouts where I walk into a class convinced that I won’t be able to complete the WOD and end up not only completing it, but doing better than I’d anticipated. That is one of my favorite things about CrossFit- I am constantly surprising myself and discovering that I’m stronger than I think I am.

That being said, this workout was INSANE. It took me a little over 36 minutes to complete, and that was with the beginner level version of knees to elbows because my core was so fried by that point. My abs are sore already and the workout was only 2 hours ago. I am scared to wake up tomorrow because I know that just making my way into a seated position is going to be brutal.

But until that DOMS kicks in, I feel great! Tired, happy, surprised and accomplished.

Tune in for tomorrow’s post, where I’ll probably be sharing my favorite stretches for the rectus abdominis 🙂

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