Filthy Fifty

completed my first CrossFit benchmark WOD on Friday and can honestly say it was one of the hardest workouts of my life. The Filthy Fifty kicked my butt.

The workout consisted of the following exercises completed as quickly as possible:

50 box jumps, 20-inch box

50 jumping pullups

50 kettlebell swings, 26-pound kettlebell

50 walking lunges

50 knees to elbows

50 push press, 35-pound barbell

50 back extensions

50 wall balls, 8-pound ball

50 burpees

50 double unders (or 100 singles)

The weights listed are the weights that I did for the workout, some of which were way below the prescribed weight, but I modified for my skill/strength level so that I could do everything with good form. I also haven’t mastered double unders yet so I did 100 single jump ropes instead.

I felt pretty strong during the first few exercises, but by the time I got to the burpees I was completely exhausted. The thought of doing 50 burpees seemed impossible at that point and I really wanted to quit. I was in burpee hell and hating everyone and everything. Brian and my coach tried to cheer me on, but I just glared at them and made my way to the other side of the gym to suffer in peace. I can be a very cranky CrossFitter.

I finally finished in 35:43 and proceeded to collapse in a heap on the floor of the gym. I always thought that when I saw people doing this they were being dramatic, (do your three-to-five minute cool-down, people!) but now I understand. All I wanted to do was lie down, cry tears of joy and drink a coconut water. In that order.

Two days later, I am still walking like an old lady because my calves are so sore. My chest, shoulders, lats and abs also took a beating, so a rest day was definitely in order for today. I’m starting to accept constant soreness as a part of life now, but I guess five days of CrossFit a week will do that to ya, huh?

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