A humbling experience

I had my first experience in Crossfit gym on Monday. I walked out humbled, embarrassed and nearly in tears. I swore to myself I would never go back.

And where did I find myself last night? Back in that same gym, signing a membership contract. You’re probably wondering, “How the heck did that happen?” Let’s rewind.

My husband, Brian, loves Crossfit workouts and has wanted to try out a real Crossfit gym for a while now. We recently moved to Virginia Beach and thought that joining a Crossfit gym here would be a fun way to try a new way of working out and get to spend more quality time together.

On Monday evening, we headed to Crossfit Oceana for our first class- or “WOD”- which stands for workout of the day. Everyone was friendly and welcoming and there were even some other newcomers in the class, but despite all that, I was still nervous. Especially when I looked at the workout and saw the nearly the entire class would be Olympic style lifting.

Olympic style, or power lifting, is basically the opposite of everything I typically do in the gym. It’s all about power and speed, whereas I am all about slower, controlled movements.

{I’m that tiny speck of black and green towards the back. I think at this moment I was was contemplating going Tanya Harding on Brian’s ass and whacking him in the knees with my barbell for bringing me there.}

I struggled through the entire class, and as the moves became more complicated I became even more frustrated.  I even knocked myself in the chin with the barbell while attempting a clean. Apparently this happens to lots of people when they first start out, but I still had to fight back tears of embarrassment and the urge to run out of the room and drive away.

I felt like I just couldn’t get the moves and that I never would. The final portion of the workout, 10 minutes of 800-meter sprints alternated with a sprint on the rower, nearly killed me and solidified my feelings that Crossfit was just not for me.

After talking to my amazing husband, he helped me realize that my experience was completely normal. I can’t expect to just walk into a brand new type of workout and be perfect at it right away. It will take time, it will be difficult, but I will improve.

That being said, I am still pretty excited to do some workouts with exercises that I am familiar with, since I have done many of the other typical Crossfit exercises before in my own workouts. If I could survive a class chock-full of brand new exercises, then I can kick some ass in one with exercises I actually know how to do. Bring on the burpees!

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